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Devoloping build ideas ‘with’ our clients rather than ‘for’ is why we say “Build Your Minds Design.
— Dave Marriott

The Idea

    Develop ideas with clients to then render a SketchUp drawing (Googles CAD type software)  for review and approval is our build creation process. In some cases clients come to us with pictures of say a Trestle Table they would like built in which case we build off the proposed photo. Ideas developed on renderings can go back and forth until the client is comfortable with the design, dimensions & build materials. That's where "Build Your Minds Design" was brought into how we build for our clients. It's a fun process we really enjoy and clients get a one of a kind piece of furniture which they are the creator. 

    After build is approved build begins.  20% materials deposit is required prior to build renderings, which also puts proposed build on  calendar. Build process is 21 to 30 days depending on scope of build & current calendar.


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Style & Quality

      Dave's style comes from many different areas,  specializing in the Authentic Trestle Table as used by 15th Century Nordics, the Authentic Treslte Table used fully detachable legs, stretcher beam and top. Unique builds of custom designs can be seen in 'Look Book' menu tab above. There you'll see a handful from over 250 past custom builds.

"Today people are cyphoned through places like IKEA to purchase disposable furniture. We build one piece at a time to be handed down through generations to come" Dave Marriott

Karie & Dave Marriott

Karie & Dave Marriott

100% American Crafted 

      Building a single piece at a time keeps the focus on our clients item that the care and love for the craft is portrayed in our furniture.  It makes for a special place in our shop when items are designed, materials are milled or welded, then assembled.

One build at a time, enables us to focus on every detail in depth to give you, a One of a Kind Piece of Art.  "We take pride and stand by our work and all builds are fully guaranteed or we make it right." 

All of our hardwood and steel is locally sourced and only use USA made steel, domestic VOC free ply and genuine hardwoods domestic & exotic.

100% American Handcrafted Products

100% American Handcrafted Products